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Genie Networks Unveils the GenieATM6000 MPLS series

Genie Networks today officially announced its newest product line- the GenieATM6000 MPLS series. Specifically designed for MPLS network, Genie’s new model is bound to bring ISPs a whole new experience in flow-based management solutions.

MPLS is an Internet protocol which is gaining popularity among ISPs for it offers higher speed and QoS than traditional IP networks. As more ISPs are applying the MPLS technology nowadays, GenieATM6000 MPLS series thus is introduced to provide carrier-grade MPLS networks real-time traffic visibility. Also like all the other GenieATM series, the MPLS model has developed the flexibility and expandability of deploying collectors according to different network’s needs.

GenieATM6000 MPLS enables administrators to have a clear view of the traffic matrix between PE/P routers, VPNs and VPN sites via pre-defined reports. Customizable traffic filter reports are available as well with abundant analysis criteria to further generate detailed Top-N reports. Traffic Snapshot is a unique feature designed to give administrators an overall perspective of real-time cache flows, and enable a more effective way of pinpointing and troubleshooting the root cause when problems occur.

GenieATM6000 MPLS is also dedicated to enhancing infrastructure security with its embedded Network Behavior Analysis (NBA) Detection technology. By inspecting IP header information, GenieATM will match for possible anomaly signatures and send alerts to administrators once any suspicious flow is found. Protecting a service provider’s backbone and customers’ VPN networks from possible DDoS attacks, GenieATM6000 MPLS is the priority pick for giving MPLS based service providers the first-line security protection.

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