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China Telecom thanks Genie Networks for helping out during the G20 summit event

The 2016 G20 summit held in Hanzhou successfully ended in Sep 5. With months of tense preparation to ensure a smooth and stable network access throughout the event, China Telecom congratulates itself on the accomplishment as well as sending a letter of appreciation to Genie Networks for the strong support it has offered.

China Telecom is one of the first communication service providers to use GenieATM for traffic visualization and DDoS protection. It is also the largest fixed line service and broadband Internet provider in China. With the missions to maintain the G20 summit communication network operation, China Telecom has gone all out in providing reliable network connectivity for all diplomats and global leaders that have come to attend the gathering. In order to help meet its goal, Genie Networks' team has been working tirelessly with China Telecom for the past few months, achieving technical breakthroughs while further strengthening the company's network security level.

In the gratitude letter sent by China Telecom to Genie Networks, it wrote:

"…The responsibility upon us was extremely heavy and intense, not to mention the time pressure we face, but thanks to Genie's support we were able to make it through and deliver a decent communication. Genie's team was always quick in response and had aided us whether in network security evaluation, protection or enhancement issues to ensure everything's in order during the event. Thus on behalf of China Telecom Zhejiang branch, we full-heartedly give our gratitude to Genie's support. --Sep,2016"