Genie Networks Teams Up with F5 Networks for Carrier-grade DDoS Mitigation Solution

Solution for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) leverages IP Flow records, centralized detection, and high-performance traffic scrubbing

Genie Networks, a leading traffic analysis and DDoS detection solution provider, today announced that it has collaborated with F5 Networks to offer a new carrier-grade DDoS mitigation solution. This offering seamlessly combines the capabilities of GenieATM and F5’s BIG-IP® products.

GenieATM monitors the network by collecting IP Flow records from various router locations and continues comparing the real-time traffic information against the created anomaly patterns and normal traffic baselines. Once the real-time traffic matches an anomaly pattern or the traffic rate deviates from the baseline threshold, GenieATM generates an alert and triggers on-demand traffic scrubbing by sending attack information and diverting the suspicious traffic to a BIG-IP scrubbing platform.

Once the suspicious traffic is diverted through the scrubbing platform, BIG-IP functionality removes the malicious traffic from the off-ramped traffic with its security capabilities (up through L7). After it has been scrubbed, the cleaned traffic will be forwarded back to the original customer destinations via tunneling mechanisms. In this way, the attacks are mitigated with up to L7 precision, and only the traffic identified as suspicious by GenieATM will be affected. The attack detection and cleaning details are presented to network operators and managed service subscribers through GenieATM’s Web GUI, which allows a range of actions to be taken including initiating/stopping a mitigation action manually or performing real-time troubleshooting and incident forensics.

The combination of GenieATM and BIG-IP technologies enables CSPs to monitor, detect, mitigate and trace back DDoS attacks. It helps ensure CSPs’ network backbone security and also serves as the basis for a managed DDoS mitigation service, allowing CSPs to generate revenues by offering DDoS detection and mitigation capabilities for their managed security service (MSS) customer.

Key benefits provided by this joint solution include superior cost-performance for CSPs, multi-layered protection from volumetric to application DDoS attacks, elimination of in-line DDoS cleaning risks, comprehensive traffic analysis and MSS enabling.


The new offering is available now. For more information about the Genie and F5 solution, please see the resource:   F5 BIG-IP + GenieATM Solution Profile. To request more information on the new joint solution, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Genie Networks

Founded in June 2000, Genie Networks Ltd. (Genie Networks) has been a leading technology company providing networking and security solutions for optimizing the performance and lowering the operation costs of large networks. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Genie Networks has an R&D center in Taiwan with regional offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and Taipei. Genie Networks' customers include communications service providers, government organizations, universities and enterprises in various sectors (financial services, manufacturing, etc.) To date, more than 1,200 GenieATM network appliances have been deployed, serving nearly 500 customers worldwide. Genie Networks' solutions have been successful in helping its customers increase their return on network investments by fulfilling their network operational and security requirements cost-effectively.