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du switched to GenieATM system for enhancing traffic flow analysis and security defence against DDoS attack

GenieNRM today announced that du, the second largest telecommunications company in United Arab Emirates, has chosen GenieATM as their solution for traffic anomaly detection and internet security against DDoS attack.

du delivers mobile and fixed telephony, broadband connectivity and IPTV services to individuals, homes and businesses. With more than 40,000 businesses and 5 million personal customers, it is crucial for du to maintain a reliable service with the ability to remedy problematic situations efficiently. GenieATM provides enhanced network traffic behaviour awareness through snapshot tools, pre-defined reports and rule-based reports thus allowing network managers to quickly resolve network anomalies. Additionally, GenieATM offers traffic analysis information that could be beneficial for peering and transit costs reduction.

GenieATM outperforms its competitor in many aspects especially in capacity, performance, and network securities. After the initial trial operation, du soon decided to replace its original solution with GenieATM and has diverted the flow data from their international gateway routers into GenieATM system owing to its superior performance.

du has opted to use the combination of GenieATM6369 and GenieATM6169 to operate two independent systems simultaneously achieving full redundancy for the entire network. More importantly, GenieATM provides the feasibility to integrate with Huawei Eudemon in order to further enhance the level of security defence against DDoS attack.

With GenieATM, du is now able to deliver traffic analysis and anomaly detections 24/7 to thousands of important customers within the network.

About du

Registered under the name of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, du is an integrated telecom service provider based in the UAE established in 2006. du offers a range of services including fixed and mobile telephony, broadband connectivity, and IPTV services to individuals. With more than 2000 staff, du is a rapidly-growing enterprise with more than 5 million customers.

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About GenieNRM

Genie Network Resource Management Inc. (“GenieNRM”) is a leading provider of IP flow-based network traffic analysis and security solutions. Our GenieATM offers network-wide, cost-effective traffic visibility and threat detection, which optimizes operation and enhances revenue for fixed and mobile broadband operators. GenieATM delivers ubiquitous traffic visibility and valuable business intelligence to assist operator decision-making from engineering to marketing. GenieATM’s Network Behaviour Analysis (NBA) based DDoS prevention capability enhances operators’ network infrastructure security in a network-wide scope. Through ongoing technology innovations, GenieNRM’s solutions have been market-proven by a number of tier-1 telecoms and blue-chip enterprises worldwide.

About GenieATM 6000

Since its launch in 2006, more than hundreds of GenieATM 6000 systems have been deployed by customers from a wide range of industries, including Carriers, ISPs, Data centers, enterprises, universities, and government agencies. Also at the Interop Tokyo 2009 held in June this year, GenieATM successfully demonstrated its MSP shared service functions and its DoS countermeasures co-working with 3rd-party mitigation devices. The live demonstration was highly recognized, and hence GenieATM 6000 was honored with the top prize in the ShowNet Demonstration category, the "Best of Show Award GrandPrix."