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Meet Genie Networks at the DHPA Techday

Genie Networks will head to the Netherlands attending the DHPA Techday on May 21 in The Hague. We cordially invite you to visit us at this conference.

DHPA Techday is an annually held event in the Netherlands where hundreds of Dutch hosting providers gather to share innovative ideas that present future aspects of the Internet. This year’s topic will be: “All Hands-on Future Tech”. The “Dutch Server throwing games”, as well as the BBQ party after the event will add some further excitement to the DHPA Techday.

As one of the most prominent leaders of network traffic analysis and security solutions, Genie Networks looks forward to joining the DHPA Techday to further increase its strong footprint in the Dutch market. The booth will show GenieATM’s powerful real-time troubleshooting and anomaly detection, as well as its reporting capabilities helping operators to make solid peering and business decisions.

We hope to see you there!