Genie Networks chosen by DELTA/ZeelandNet for high volume network attack detection

GenieATM has been chosen by DELTA/ZeelandNet for its fast and reliable detection capabilities for anomaly traffic and DDoS attacks.

DELTA is an independent supplier of energy infrastructure and multimedia services based in the Netherlands. The company offers the convenient, sustainable, and innovative multi-utility solutions to its clients, including energy, infrastructure, and digital services. DELTA works as the largest employer in Zeeland, and is also one of the few suppliers in the utility service industry owned by municipalities.

Modern enterprises rely heavily on the Internet more than ever. Companies have to transfer or store private, confidential information. In order to maintain a safe and smooth network for customers, the security levels of service providers’ network should equally be heightened to avoid high volume DDoS attacks or worse scenarios, as leakage of customers’ information. GenieATM embeds a Network Behavior Anomaly Detection (NBAD) system, providing top-notch DDoS detection. By monitoring traffic flows from DELTA’s routers, GenieATM analyzes flow-based traffic information such as TCP flag values and byte-count. Based on real-time traffic behavior and cross-checking with DELTA’s normal traffic baseline, GenieATM can accurately identify network attacks and instantly send out alerts at a very early stage of an attack.

Once an attack has been confirmed, operators can leverage GenieATM’s Snapshot tool to acquire further knowledge of the attacking traffic. From where an attack originated and destined, to its attacking paths, how many victim hosts it affected, and so on. All actions can be accomplished within seconds, enabling operators to regain control of their network before it’s too late.

DELTA was genuinely impressed with the services provided by Genie Networks and its partner as well as the overall outcome. DELTA’s Senior NOC/SOC engineer S. Bostelaar stated that “Genie helped us very well with implementing the ATM 6000-ISP and the solution has proven more than useful.”