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Chief Telecom Selects GenieATM Solution to Power Its Security Management and Traffic Analysis

GenieNRM Inc., the provider of GenieATM system and the leader in flow-based security management and traffic optimization, today announced that Chief Telecom, the leading provider of IDC and VPN services, has chosen GenieNRM’s GenieATM solution to obtain security protection against myriad online threats and to gain network-wide visibility of its network performance.

Prior to selecting GenieNRM’s solution, Chief Telecom has evaluated alternatives which are able to address the requirements of network threat prevention and network performance analysis. Considering the scalability and functionality demonstrated by GenieATM, Chief Telecom decides to deploy GenieATM in its network. GenieNRM has comprehensive experiences with worldwide Internet service providers and large enterprises, and GenieATM provides the best tools and critical information to secure network resources and manage network capacity.

Facing the growing threats in the cyberspace including DDoS attacks, Chief Telecom is looking for actionable security intelligence to detect network anomalies and to ensure its network resources. With the Anomaly Console built in GenieATM, Chief Telecom can receive alarms automatically sent from the system when there are threats being detected. By using the Snapshot function provided by GenieATM, Chief Telecom is able to identify not only which client is under threat but also which server service of its clients is being endangered. In addition, Chief Telecom could create Rule-based Reports for certain vulnerable customers by appropriately configuring filter keys in GenieATM.

As a leading company of IDC and VPN services with a huge, complicated network, Chief Telecom faces lots of network traffic management and operational challenges which range from traffic analysis to peering/ transit optimization. GenieATM presents the functionality of analyzing Chief Telecom’s internal traffic as well as its peering/ transit traffic. The analysis offered by GenieATM helps Chief Telecom to improve service for its clients and to reduce peering and transit costs by effectively conducting traffic engineering with BGP routing policy. Therefore Chief Telecom could precisely verify its best peering/ transit relationships to support growing and constantly changing business.

“In Asia Pacific region, GenieNRM has cooperated closely with leading service providers and network operators,” said Julie Liu, Senior Manager of Business Development and Strategic Planning at GenieNRM. “We deliver the accurate, real-time solutions to tackle the immediate challenges our customers like Chief Telecom have encountered.”

About Chief Telecom Chief Telecom, the leading brand of VPN service provider, was established in January 1991. In 2006, Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), the largest telecom service provider in Taiwan, acquired more than 70% shares of Chief Telecom. By integration of resources from Chunghwa Telecom and global telecom partners, Chief Telecom has a seamless network service platform across Asia. In addition, the traffic exchanged in Chief Telecom’s data center is continuously expanding and growing rapidly. Therefore, with extensive global connectivity, Chief Telecom is an important Internet hub and digital gateway for Asia. For more information, visit