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Genie Networks attends Broadband Russia 2015 on Nov 26-27

Genie Networks will be joining the Broadband Russia Forum 2015, the biggest gathering event in the Russian broadband access market. The event features current ICT market innovations, service and future trends of broadband networks.

At the forum Genie Networks will be introducing various aspects GenieATM’s services and explaining why it is the best choice for enhancing network traffic management, along with how it facilitates business strategy decision making. GenieATM offers large-scale networks a simple, cost-effective solution that enables real-time session and transaction visibility. Once deployed, by recognizing the existing network topology model, GenieATM automatically generates pre-defined reports by classified areas (Home, Neighbor, Sub-Network, Backbone and Customer). This not only saves time and energy for administrators when examining network condition, it also serves as an essential piece of information when it comes to boosting network capacity and efficiency. For example, when identifying the causes of heavy traffic overload, network operators can initially search for possible traffic jam areas by evaluating the ingress/egress traffic flow or other statistics based on the pre-defined reports. Further drill down can then be performed by GenieATM to pin down congestion spots, showing operators the exact places to troubleshoot and thereby succeeding in upgrading overall network performance with minimum cost.

Genie Networks cordially invites you to visit our stand at Broadband Russia Forum from Nov 26 to 27. If interested in participating in Broadband Russia Forum, more information can be found at