BIT has chosen GenieATM as its key management application

Genie Networks is proud to announce that BIT BV has deployed GenieATM to detect and mitigate network anomalies in its network.

BIT is an ISP operating carrier-neutral data centers based in the Netherlands which specializes in colocation, Internet connections and managed hosting for corporate internet users. It currently has three data centers in Ede that are developed with high security and availability, each having their own independent power supplies and cooling facilities offering customers the option to easily create their redundant infrastructure for network stability.

After intensive evaluation, BIT has decided to adopt Genie’s solution for its significant performance upon DDoS detection/mitigation.“Our Genie appliance allows us to quickly identify anomalies and denial of service attacks. The detailed information provided by the appliance quickly identifies sources, targets and specifics of attacks and (semi)automated mitigation features enable us to rapidly cope with these attacks,” prided Teun Vink, BIT’s network operations center (NOC) manager. The GenieATM6363 was deployed as BIT’s management device to monitor all three data centers. Therefore expediting the speed of anomaly detection and minimizing damages which are harmful to the network.

Besides using real-time anomaly detection and mitigation, BIT also appreciates GenieATM’s built in pre-defined reporting tools. This allows administrators to comfortably narrow down traffic analysis scope based on different parts of the network structure such as backbone, sub-networks, etc. Users can also customize their own reports by applying different traffic attributes to filter out specific flows for everyday monitoring.

Looking back during the testing period, BIT’s NOC manager recalls that Genie’s engineers were always very supportive in hearing BIT’s needs “They have proven to be very receptive to suggestions and requests for improvements,” continues Teun Vink. “Being one of the most reputed data centers in The Netherlands, we’re very glad of knowing that Genie’s team will be having our back at all times.”

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