APOL Deploys GenieNRM’s GenieATM to Improve Network Management

GenieNRM Inc., an industry leading provider of IP flow-based network monitoring and security management solutions, declared today that Asia Pacific Online (APOL), the leading company in Taiwan providing internet services and data center services, has selected GenieNRM’s GenieATM solution to gain better network-wide visibility into its network.

APOL has and operates Internet Services Providers (ISP) and Internet Data Centers (IDC) in Taiwan. As a leading ISP & IDC provider, APOL possesses advantageous technologies and delivers high performance services to customers. APOL has a wide range of offerings including internet access services, hosting services, managed infrastructure, managed services, firewall services, and application services.

By collecting and analyzing IP flow data from existing routers, GenieNRM’s GenieATM system delivers comprehensive visibility across network environments, reducing the time between problem onset and solution found. GenieATM enhances APOL’s network performance management to support the requirements of its clients. GenieATM automatically gives detailed network insight through a single, user- friendly device, aiding network operations and business decisions. With embedded intelligence and high performance, GenieATM provides APOL a total solution for network-wide traffic analysis and network anomaly detection.

APOL chooses GenieNRM’s GenieATM for cost-effective, pervasive and intelligent visibility into network and application level traffic. APOL deploys GenieATM to perform continuous network monitoring & analysis, backbone network management, bandwidth cost analysis, anomalous traffic detection, troubleshooting, and reporting. GenieATM offers powerful real-time troubleshooting as well as retrospective analysis and forensics capabilities, which are critical information to conduct complete analysis. Furthermore, APOL uses the Snapshot tools built in GenieATM to obtain cross network analysis and microscope view, quickly locating problems.

About APOL APOL was established in November 1996, and now is one of Taiwan's major ISPs. For more information, visit