Internet Data Center

For Internet Data Center (IDC) operators, profitability requires network-wide traffic monitoring and security solutions that improve margins by reducing costs and drives revenues by providing value-added and differentiated services. IDCs can leverage GenieATM to realize profitability in a number of areas including:

Network troubleshooting and security protection to reduce help desk calls from attacks

Network engineers can identify and resolve DDoS, worms and zero-day attacks timely before IDC customers start making complaining calls. GenieATM reduces mitigation time and resources and troubleshooting costs.

Continuous traffic visibility for capacity planning and traffic engineering

GenieATM provides traffic visibility into traffic of different customers and servers across the network. This visibility enables IDC operators to analyze their network utilization and load-carrying capacity to determine adequate bandwidth needed to support different customers.

Peering analysis and transit cost reduction

In the case where multiple transit providers are used, GenieATM provides traffic visibility across providers in order to optimize the routing of traffic across providers and save the per month bandwidth costs.

Real traffic based sales and marketing

GenieATM allows IDC to provide differentiated and value-added services to their customers for acquiring and retaining customers. Through the insights of how the service traffic goes to different domestic regions, countries or user groups, the IDC marketing department can launch effective targeted marketing programs hence gain an advantage in competitive bid situations.

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