While network connectivity can improve operational efficiency and productivity, it also introduces a plethora of challenges in enterprise network management and network outage risks. Enterprises with geographically distributed offices face additional issues which traditional network management systems fail to address adequately. Conventional network management tools which focus on infrastructure lack the visibility into user behavior to optimize performance. Immense malicious DOS/DDOS attacks have been threatening most enterprises, while in-line, signature-based security products cannot detect anomalous behavior on the network. Therefore, many managers look for increasing their visibility into the entire enterprise network through network-wide flow-based traffic analysis, and network behavior analysis (NBA) network management and security systems to meet their needs.

Entire Enterprise Network Traffic Profiling

Agent-based solutions are expensive to deploy on an entire enterprise basis, and the complexity inherent in deploying and managing hundreds or thousands of devices is a major challenge.Receiving IP Flows from existing network devices in place, GenieATM provides simple, cost-effective means to profile the entire enterprise network traffic, and offers network- wide continuous and real-time session or transaction visibility, even on high speed, highly segmented internal networks.Built to meet the demands of the largest enterprise networks, GenieATM offers the capability to conduct long-term monitoring, drill-down Top-N analysis and focused analysis on critical network spots, gives enterprise network managers a holistic view of the enterprise-wide network, anywhere, anytime. It displays distribution and cross analysis of network user behavior of the complex enterprise network environments and maintains network health through pervasive visibility.

Security Beyond Perimeter IDS/IDP and Firewall

Perimeter security such as IDS/IPS or Firewall is very limited when it comes to internal threats as each internal network or network segment requires its own perimeter security gateway; maintenance and tuning thus becomes challenges. It also suffers from its inability to handle high line speeds. Augmenting existing perimeter security devices, GenieATM instantly detects threats that originate inside the network perimeter and the presence of policy-violated internal network connections. With its built-in dynamic traffic learning and analysis intelligence, GenieATM detects network threats from each segment of the networks in the zero-day without waiting for the signature updates.

Real-time Troubleshooting & Retrospective Forensics

Traditional security solutions have limited forensics capabilities and difficulties coordinating security incidents with network traffic visibility consequently introduce delays between detection and resolution. Using GenieATM’s real-time/historical troubleshooting facility, network managers can drill-down traffic information from various aspects, and hence investigates and diagnoses internal traffic anomalies, and assists rogue servers hunting (e.g. illegal Spam mail servers).

Traffic-based Business Analysis

With built-in network topology models and accelerated flow processing algorithm, GenieATM provides abundant traffic monitoring and high-performance customizable analysis on different offices, business units, server farms, data centers and services.It enables cost-center analysis on traffic as well as network performance monitor and planning.

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